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About David DelBonis

I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, done thousands of transactions and managed and trained hundreds of mortgage professionals. My experience as a Veteran serving our military clients is a direct differentiation from other mortgage professionals. My credit experience allows me to serve clients to maintain and/or repair their individual credit profiles. I take a passionate pride in tailor fitting each individual client with the best mortgage product to serve their needs whether they are buying a new home, a second home or refinancing.



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What our branch managers are saying.

Kevin Oliviera

We’re streamlined. We’re not sending a loan out to get underwritten. I can walk into the owner’s office, sit down, and say ‘Hey, we have this issue. What can we do to fix it?,’ where other lenders don’t have that because they are much larger. That’s why I love Semper.

Kevin Oliviera Branch Manager

John Gibbons

All of our underwriting occurs right here. We can go right to the underwriter. When you’re a broker, you have to pick what lender it’s going to be and then you are not talking to those underwriters. If we need to do something here, there aren’t those layers in between.

John Gibbons Branch Manager