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Fill Out The Application

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Processing, Processing

  • Underwriting
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  • Final Review
  • Final Underwriting
  • Welcome Home!

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About Jason Schweiger

Jason, a Loan Officer of Semper Home Loans, based in Washington State, is an accomplished Lender with over 30 years’ experience in Real Estate and Mortgage Lending. Jason has built a solid foundation of clients through client referrals with a long record of successfully guiding clients through the Real Estate and/or Mortgage process. Specific areas of expertise are purchase financing of owner occupied and/or investment properties, refinancing current owned homes, and successful financial planning. Credentials include current licensed Mortgage License (Washington), previous Real Estate Agent Licenses (Washington and Nevada). Some additional qualifications include Direct Mortgage Lender, Financial Planning, Real Estate Contract Negotiation, Investment Management, and more



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What our branch managers are saying.

I am in my 33rd year in the mortgage business. What I found with Semper Home Loans was something I didn’t find at any other mortgage company. I feel part of a successful team. Everyone in the company works hard to get my deals to closing. They are all friendly and do what they can to make my job easier. My reputation in the local real estate community is excellent due to being able to approve most of my loans and to close on time if not earlier. I feel fortunate that I was able to find Semper Home Loans. I’ll be here until the day that I retire.

Len Peeters Branch Manager

John Gibbons

All of our underwriting occurs right here. We can go right to the underwriter. When you’re a broker, you have to pick what lender it’s going to be and then you are not talking to those underwriters. If we need to do something here, there aren’t those layers in between.

John Gibbons Branch Manager