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Stephanie Amedee, Loan Officer - 225 Dupont Dr - Providence, RI 02907

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225 Dupont Dr - Providence, RI 02907

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Fill out our simple and streamlined application. We only ask the important questions. We want to get you in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Once you’ve filled out the application, it’s time to upload the documents. This is how we verify all of your income and assets. We’ll only ask you for the necessary documents to get you pre-approved and on your way to finding your new home.

You’re Pre Approved!

This is where you really get going. We’ll start looking at your documents and let you know the range of how much you can borrow. Once you have that pre-approval notice in hand, you can start looking for the right houses!

Purchase & Sales Agreement

Your feet feel like they’ve walked through every house in town and you have finally found one that fits your budget and contains most of your must-haves. It is time to make an offer!

Upfront Underwriting

This step helps you get to closing faster! You will be reviewed by an actual FHA underwriter before going into contract. We’ll check out all of your financials and make sure you’re getting the right loan for you. This also allows you to resolve all conditions early on so that when you do get an offer accepted you can close quickly by having only property related conditions remaining (appraisal, title report, secure home insurance)


Next, you need an appraisal on the home. You’ll need an estimate of your property’s value based on location, condition and recent sales of similar homes in the surrounding area.


Time to process. Our processors will get everything organized and in order for final approval. This is where you can start to feel the excitement!


Final decision time! Our underwriters will take one last look to ensure that everything is in order and the loan is right for your financial background. We want to get you approved so you can plan your closing!


This is the day you’ve been waiting for! And before you know it, the mortgage deed and loan documents are signed sealed and delivered. Finally, you are home faster!

Popular Semper Programs

We understand that as a home buyer you need to find a loan that compliments your way of life. Our customized loan solutions meet you where you’re standing so you can get home faster.

Apply for a conventional loan with Stephanie Amedee


A great loan option for first-time buyers featuring low down payments, average to excellent credit scores, and removal of private mortgage insurance.

  • Easier Qualification
  • Loan Flexibility
  • Rate Security
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Apply for a VA mortgage loan with Stephanie Amedee

VA Mortgage

VA helps military families become homeowners. VA guarantees a portion of the loan, enabling us to provide you with more favorable terms.

  • Easier Qualification
  • Rate Security
  • $0 Down Payment *
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Apply for a Semper HALO with Stephanie Amedee

Semper HALO

Down payment assistance that allows credit worthy borrowers to receive down payment assistance of up to 3.5%. A Great pair with an FHA mortgage!

  • Loan Flexibility
  • 100% Financing **
  • Can Be Combined
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*$0 down payment options for those eligible based on credit, income, home price, and VA eligibility **100% financing up to 3.5% and based upon eligibility

What our branch managers are saying.

Len Peeters
Branch Manager
Len Peeters

I am in my 33rd year in the mortgage business. What I found with Semper Home Loans was something I didn’t find at any other mortgage company. I feel part of a successful team. Everyone in the company works hard to get my deals to closing. They are all friendly and do what they can to make my job easier. My reputation in the local real estate community is excellent due to being able to approve most of my loans and to close on time if not earlier. I feel fortunate that I was able to find Semper Home Loans. I’ll be here until the day that I retire.

What our branch managers are saying.

John Gibbons
Branch Manager
John Gibbons

All of our underwriting occurs right here. We can go right to the underwriter. When you’re a broker, you have to pick what lender it’s going to be and then you are not talking to those underwriters. If we need to do something here, there aren’t those layers in between.