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5 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home on a Budget

Staging your home to sell is an important part of preparing your home for the market. But springing for a professional stager may be out of your budget, especially if you’re upgrading to a more expensive home. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get your home show-ready without breaking the bank.

Declutter your home

Buyers have difficulty seeing past clutter. Too many unnecessary items on display take up visual space, and could leave buyers with the impression your home has less space than it actually does. Clearing off surfaces and packing away non-critical items will increase the showing potential of your home.

Decluttering should extend to your storage spaces as well. Cabinets, closets and any other storage spaces should be neatly organized. Anything you don’t need immediate access to should be packed and stored elsewhere. Freeing up some space will give buyers a more accurate impression of storage potential.


Removing personal items from your home can be tough. But it’s important to remember-this is a temporary change. All meaningful and personal items you have can be packed away and put on display in your new home. But buyers struggle to picture themselves in a home if they are surrounded by too many of the current owner’s belongings and photos. The goal in staging is to put potential buyers in a position to visualize themselves living in the home. And the quicker your current home sells, the sooner you can begin to personalize your new home with all those cherished belongings.

Use neutral colors

Bright colors and bold patterns can be very distracting. Using neutral colors can make your home immediately more appealing. If you have a room with bright or heavy colors, consider repainting with a more muted color. Try to neutralize loud colors in fabric surfaces as well. Consider changing out bedding and curtains for shades of white, taupe, or gray.

Do a deep clean

Now is the time to make sure you thoroughly clean your home. Pay special attention to areas that may usually be neglected. It can be tough to maintain cleanliness in a house you currently live in. But buyers can be turned away from a home that appears unclean or has an unpleasant smell. There’s no need to bake a batch of cookies before every showing, but candles and air fresheners go a long way to neutralizing any odors-especially those you may not notice in your own home.

Inviting elements

Small additions can make your home feel more welcoming. Adding a welcome mat and a potted plant to the entrance of your home can give buyers a warm first impression. Incorporating flowers and natural elements help to soften rooms and make them more inviting. Don’t go overboard! Every room doesn’t need to have flowers, but in rooms that could use some life or freshness, they’re a great addition.

You don’t have to make big changes or spend a lot of money to get your home show ready. Creating neutral spaces will allow buyers to visualize their belongings there, and keeping it clean will go a long way to gaining interest.

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