At Semper Home Loans, we believe that “Going Green” is a lot more than just the motto of folks who are crying that the “sky is falling.” A green planet is important to all of us, not simply for survival but for enjoyment as well. I don´t know about you but deserts may be nice to visit but I wouldn´t want to live in one. I also like fresh water and clean air; I don´t know, call me crazy. So we take the environment very seriously. For instance, we: 1. Are striving toward becoming 100% paperless. It is a goal that may never be realized but we are going to do what we can to get as paperless as we can. 2. Recycle all of our paper and plastic products. All waste paper is shredded and taken to a recycling plant. Our used toner cartridges are also recycled and reused. 3. We keep the heat and A/C controls under lock and key so that our energy consumption is minimized. 4. We use recycled office products whenever possible. 5. We financially support green causes and patronized vendors who have the same green thumb as we do. In short, Semper Home Loans is part of the solution. We care about our family´s future and your family´s future. We ask that you join us in “thinking globally and acting locally.”