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Whether you’re new to the game, a seasoned branch manager, or flying solo, we can help elevate your stature in the industry.

Onboarding & Transition

Onboarding & Transition

We bring you on board and up to speed quickly and efficiently so you can hit the ground running. We offer personalized websites, collateral, and a complimentary Semper starter kit. Our dedicated branch coordinator takes the stress off your shoulders and ensures your transition is as smooth as can be.

Process & Support

Process & Support

Your relationships with your customers and realtors are our top priorities. We offer a customer and realtor portal and real-time notifications as we process your loans. We help you give your clients exactly what they want, when they want it.

Semper University

Semper University

Semper provides educational resources for realtors and homebuyers. We demystify the home buying process, helping you look good in the process.

In-House Marketing

In-House Marketing

Semper offers co-branded marketing efforts, both digital and traditional, to keep you top of mind.

Become a Branch Manager

We welcome all types of branch managers with open arms. In fact, it’s what makes Semper so unique. Our wide breadth of backgrounds is unparalleled. We have the resources to make you successful as a Branch Manager – and help people in your community get home faster.

Onboarding and transitioning

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What our branch managers are saying.

Kevin Oliveira

I get my clients into their home faster! Lowest rates, abundance of programs covering low credit scores and low/ no down payments. We’re streamlined. We’re not sending a loan out to get underwritten. I can walk into the owner’s office, sit down, and say ‘Hey, we have this issue. What can we do to fix it?,’ where other lenders don’t have that because they are much larger. Many times getting corporate exceptions to get a loan closed where I don't have that flexibility someplace else. That’s why I love Semper.

Kevin Oliveira Branch Manager

John Gibbons

All of our underwriting occurs right here. We can go right to the underwriter. When you’re a broker, you have to pick what lender it’s going to be and then you are not talking to those underwriters. If we need to do something here, there aren’t those layers in between.

John Gibbons Branch Manager

Len Peeters

I am in my 33rd year in the mortgage business. What I found with Semper Home Loans was something I didn’t find at any other mortgage company. I feel part of a successful team. Everyone in the company works hard to get my deals to closing. They are all friendly and do what they can to make my job easier. My reputation in the local real estate community is excellent due to being able to approve most of my loans and to close on time if not earlier. I feel fortunate that I was able to find Semper Home Loans. I’ll be here until the day that I retire.

Len Peeters Branch Manager