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Selling Your Home During COVID-19

Selling your home can be a stressful process, and COVID-19 presents a whole new set of challenges to sellers in 2020. But utilizing technology to your advantage and having a savvy realtor can help your home fly off the market-and for a great price too!

As states begin varied phases of reopening, some sellers and realtors have returned to traditional open house showings (with limited occupancy*). However, as we begin to get back on our feet, many people remain cautious of having others in their home-especially in large numbers.

Utilize technology & virtual tours

Embracing technology has been a staple of the COVID-19 pandemic, with widespread utilization in areas such as telehealth services, virtual gatherings and remote work. And real estate is no stranger to technological innovation, even before the onset of COVID-19. Now is an opportune time to discuss the benefits of digital marketing with your realtor. Many companies have developed software your realtor can use to create 3D virtual tours of your home. Potential buyers can view your home in an immersive experience, similar to a walk-through. Programs such as Matterport create 3D renderings of your home from the convenience of an iPhone. It allows the user to generate video tours, tag key features of the property, and provide space measurements.

Share your listing on social media

Talk with your agent about a digital listing plan, it could include elements such as virtual home tours and utilizing social platforms to feature your home. Realtors have recently adapted their business plans, and many have gained experience with this type of virtual home selling. It’s important to have guidance through this new age of real estate, so work with an agent who can make you comfortable and offer relevant advice. Go ahead and share your own listing on social media-you never know who is looking for a home, or who knows someone else that is!

Staying safe

If you opt for private showings of your home, take some precautions to keep your family and any potential buyers safe. Sanitizing commonly touched surfaces (door knobs, railings, handles etc.) before and after showings can help decrease the risk of spreading the virus and other germs. Request that masks be worn at all showings and that any visitors to the home be respectful and touch as few surfaces as possible.

Overall, be proactive about putting your home on the market! There are still plenty of buyers, and this time of the year is common for lease terms to end. Be vocal with your realtor about what you’re comfortable with and explore using technologies that will help limit your contact. *Be sure to check with your local realtor associations regarding new real estate guidelines in your area.

Be sure to check with your local realtor associations regarding new real estate guidelines in your area.

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