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Staycation: Vacationing A Little Closer to Home

As states across the country begin to lift their travel restrictions and businesses slowly reopen, restless Americans are looking for opportunities to finally leave their homes. For many, travel plans were cancelled weeks or months ago, and they are seeking alternative ways to vacation safely this summer. Staycations, although not as glamorous as a tropical getaway, can still provide some much-needed relaxation and stress relief.

Enjoy the outdoors

The key to staycationing this summer amidst Covid-19 is to plan like you’re going on vacation and try not to get caught up in your daily routine. Your staycation is a perfect time to take advantage of the outdoors! Since Memorial Day weekend, beaches across the U.S. have started to reopen (be sure to research the guidelines and regulations for beaches in your state) and offer an opportunity to enjoy the warm weather close to home.

Other socially distanced outdoor activities that can be done close to home are kayaking, hiking, or visiting a state park (some parks in your area may be closed, but many remain open; check your local state websites for more information.)

Utilize your own backyard

If you had to cancel a trip and are looking for a way to make your time off at home more enjoyable, no need to look farther than your own backyard! These backyard projects can bring fun for the whole family all summer long.

• Backyard move night

This is a great summertime tradition that you can recreate over and over! This project may require more initial set-up but repeating the process should be easier in move nights to follow. No projection screen? No problem. A simple white sheet can do the trick. You can also search DIY tutorials to build your own or purchase a projector screen. A projector may seem like a big investment, but sites like Amazon and Ebay offer a variety of projectors at affordable prices, including mini or portable options. Once you have the video streaming set up, put together some comfy seating arrangements and break out the snacks!

• Pool life

If you’re one of the lucky owners of a pool right now, enjoy some staycation time soaking up the sun! There’s plenty of fun to be had poolside for the family, not to mention refreshing in the hot summer days. But for families who don’t have one, installing a pool especially during this time, may not be budget friendly. Some options that are easier on the wallet are inflatable or framed pool sets. These are quick to set up, far more affordable, and often easier to maintain or breakdown. Companies like Intex offer a variety of pool sizes and styles for whatever fits your budget. Get your pool set up before your staycation, so you can enjoy your time off-and the rest of the season too!

• Have a picnic

Pick a perfect backyard spot; maybe it’s under your favorite tree or basking in the sun. Or make a day trip to a lake and enjoy your picnic by the water. Put together your own basket, or support local business by picking up some deli sandwiches and sides. Remember it’s a staycation-so treat yourself like you would if you were on vacation somewhere else!

• Get camping

Camping can be as simple as setting up a tent in your own backyard! No packing required and all amenities needed are only a few hundred feet away. However, as campgrounds around the country begin to reopen for the season, renting a campsite for a few nights may be a good option as well (although some places may have limited access to campground facilities).

If you are looking to enjoy some recreational outdoor time with the family, but tent camping isn’t for you, then renting or buying an RV could offer a pleasant alternative. The RV industry has seen a significant influx in business since the beginning of May, as many families have changed their travel plans. What better way to travel safely, distanced from others with all amenities in tow?

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