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Questions you should be asking a Real Estate Agent

Buying a home can be tough in this fast moving market. Not only is it important to have a lender by your side, it’s important to have a trusted Real Estate Agent on your team as well. There are a lot of agents out there, but unfortunately not all agents are made the same. When it comes to finding the right Real Estate Agent, you should make sure you find someone who meets your individual needs. We’ve compiled a list of 5 quick questions to see if an agent is the right fit for you.  

1. How long have you been a Real Estate Agent?

Finding out how long your potential agent has been in the business is an important first step when choosing an agent. Many people have no problem at all with rookie agents, but there are certain times where experience really pays off. If you’re are interested in specific programs- like low or no down payment programs– you’ll need a agent who is familiar with their stipulations and has trusted contacts in the mortgage industry – like us at Semper!

2. Do you work as a team or do you fly solo?

Even if your potential Real Estate Agent is new to the game, you may not have to give them a hard pass right away. Most new agents have sponsors or mentors. Some also work as part of a team of agents that could assist you while you’re house hunting. You’ll want to find out if this is the case for your agent, especially if they’re still a bit new. On the other hand, you may find yourself in the one-and-only camp. You may discover you like working with one person only, instead of a team of people, so make sure to consider this when asking your potential agent.

3. How many buyers did you help close on a home within the last year?

This question is important to figure out whether or not your potential agent is right for you. As a home buyer, especially a first time home buyer, you’ll want to make sure your agent or their team has experience with the buying side of the transaction. Anyone can say they work with buyers, but not everyone can say they help them close! As a buyer, it’s important to make sure your agent will know the ins and outs of the buy-side!

4. How many clients are you currently representing?

While it would be a little concerning if an agent had no clients at all, it would be just as concerning if they had too many. You’ll want an agent with experience, but not one that’s so busy you’ll get lost in the shuffle. If an agent says they have more than 10 clients, they may not be able to give you the level of service you’re looking for.

5. How will you keep in touch and how often?

You’ll be the only one who can decide what a good answer to this question is. You’ll want to find an agent that matches your communication style and keeps you up to date without overwhelming you. Whether you prefer texts, phone calls, or emails, it will be important to find a agent who prefers the same methods as you. It’s also important to find out how often they’ll keep in touch. We suggest at least weekly but again, it’s up to you to decide what works. Some buyers only like to be notified with important updates, while others like to keep the lines of communication a little more open.   If you’re looking for a Real Estate Agent but don’t know where to start, give us a call! Our loan professionals work with agents every single day and can help you find one that’s right for you. Find a Semper Branch near you and ask about our preferred Real Estate partners if you’re looking for a place to start!

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