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Semper HALO Down Payment Assistance

We are very excited to announce our new HALO program! Now, we’re not calling ourselves home loan guardian angels, but we certainly wouldn’t stop any of our customers from saying so. For the past few months we’ve been mulling it over: what can we do for our community that will help our customers get home easier? What obstacles were people around us facing on their way to becoming home owners? We realized that for many in our community, the biggest hurdle they faced was the down payment. They had good credit, they had their sights set on their dream home, but they hit a down payment road block. So we thought we would help. Semper’s HALO down payment assistance program is an answer to that problem, offering assistance of up to 3.5%.  Here are the main qualifications:
  • Have a credit score of at least 640
  • Must be a primary residence
  • Single Family, Two Family and Condominiums eligible
  • Otherwise qualify for an FHA insured loan
  We decided to modernize, reorganize, and reshuffle. We threw out all the unnecessary stuff like first time home buyer restrictions and income or geographic restrictions. Frankly, our company is built on efficiency and those things were making it harder for both us and our customers. We don’t want anyone to have to jump through hoops, we just want our customers to get home faster, easier and smarter. We know that everyone needs a little help sometimes and we wanted to make sure we could give it.  

What HALO offers

The HALO program truly is a blessing for many looking to buy a home. Whether it’s a first home or not, we are happy to be able to provide up to 3.5% down payment assistance to those in our communities. Our HALO program makes it easier for borrowers. This program will help those who have good credit but limit funds to dedicate toward a down payment. It can also help those who have a nest-egg saved but would rather keep it for a rainy day. We created this program because we believe everyone in our community deserves access to affordable housing; We saw a chance to help make that happen. Contact us today to see if the HALO program is right for you.

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