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5 Tips to make moving in to your new home easier

Over the years we’ve helped many home owners get into their new homes faster and easier. We’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way for helping home buyers start out on the right foot in their new homes. Consider these quick tips before moving in to your new home and getting settled in your new space:


Change the locks

This cheap and easy upgrade goes a long way to ensuring your safety in your new home. You’ll gain the peace of mind that you’re the only one with a set of keys to your new home. Smart locks are also available and picking up in popularity. There are some where you can unlock your doors in seconds from your smart phone.


Steam clean any carpets

Steam cleaning your carpets before moving in your furniture ensures you’re off to a fresh start. There are options to rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware box stores from around 125 per week. You could also hire a pro to come out and do it, saving you some valuable packing time!


Check and label your circuit breaker

TOnce you’re in your new home you may find you want to do some updates. There’s nothing worse than trying to install a new lighting fixture and not knowing which fuse relates to which area of your home! When you first move into your new space it’s important to know your circuit breaker inside and out. Whether it’s the result of some lighting upgrades, or trying to run a microwave, hair dryer, and blender all at once, being able to quickly reset a circuit breaker will save you a lot of frustration in the future!


Make a maintenance checklist

It’s easy to take for granted things someone else may have done at your previous residence. Maybe you had a landlord who cleaned your gutters, or a diligent parent who replaced the batteries in your some detectors. Now that you’re moving in these things will fall to you. To make sure you stay on top of important maintenance in your new home, create a checklist right from the get-go. Include things like: Inspecting fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, changing HVAC filters, and inspecting the roof, gutters, and siding. There are many resources online to help you decide what to include on your home maintenance checklist. We really like this one from The New York Times. Also, check out our blog post on Quick fixes to help you beat winter weather – the harshest season for your home.


And last but not least…


Enjoy it!

This is an exciting new chapter in your life! While moving can be stressful, you’ll look back on this time with fond memories if you take a few minutes to enjoy the journey. We recommend exploring the neighborhood, stopping by a local event, or finding a new favorite restaurant close by. You’ll get a feel for your new neighborhood and may even get a chance to meet some neighbors in the process!



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